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Repair guides and support for the 2nd-generation Renault Mégane, also known as the Renault Mégane II.

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Why my car has problem with the injection

It say check injection and some time slow down from 100 to 60

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@hliasmoust12265 if you scan your OBD II, what exact error code do you get? "Check Injection" is just way too broad to do anything with it.


I gave it to mechanic he pluged it and he didn't show anything...this happen when im in a hill after that its normal


@hliasmoust12265 so this only happens when you go uphill? does that mean anytime your Renault has to work hard, you get a "Check Injection" error?


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Sounds like either your injector pumps are starting to go bad or it could be reading bad injector codes because your breather filter needs to be changed.

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