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The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a headset that is compatible with PS4, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo switch. It includes a microphone for communication during gaming and ear pads that create a realistic game experience. This device is very popular due to its aluminum frame and dual chamber drivers.

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Sound in 1 ear is muffled.

Sound from the ear cup where the printplate is located is muffled when tapping the earcup the sound briefly returns. upon inspection of the connections and all the components of the print plate I see nothing lose/damaged. What could be the cause ?

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@nicenoice "tapping the earcup the sound briefly returns." could be the speaker/driver itself. A loose membrane etc can give you this type of distortion. I'd try to find a replacement and see if that fixes it. Of course, always make sure that the wires are still properly attached and that they are not loose and making contact where they should not.

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