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Repair information for rolling desk chairs as commonly found in an office space.

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Does this look like a solid repair?

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Long story short: Chair decided to break randomly when I was using it, so I could not repair it for 2 days and had to not put even more stress on the back.

What I did was when I had time to take it out and work on it, I applied some JB Weld - not enough :/. So I had to come up with a different plan: Lowes sells something called FiberWeld by JB Weld, which is essentially epoxy coated fiberglass you roll onto the area as a one-shot thing; there's no reusing it once activated because you activate the entire roll :-(. Kind of wasteful, but I get it.

When I did this to the chair, I let it dry for like 4-5 hours to be sure once it cured and it seems like the side with the epoxy is more solid then the original not broken side of the chair 😂. I still intend to replace the chair as I do not trust it, but how long should this last?

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I think you’ve found the new and improved duct tape 😍


@becklyoh Nah this isn’t even close. It’s far more permanent.


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@nick those backrests take a lot of beating. You got a heat gun, try some plastic welding. It last longer than JB weld. The only other thing I would do, go and get yourself some 1/8" thick brackets and screw those into your chairs backrest. The side and the back, that'll give you a bit more support.

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What I did was I used the JB Weld to support it for the epoxy cast I put on the broken side, it didn't work on it's own due to how severely damaged it was. That said I'll keep this in mind if the other side gives out and I can't replace it at that time. Yes I used a product intended for water pipes (FiberWeld).

Might add a bracket to the other side as a preventative repair.


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