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The Samsung Galaxy A40 was released in April 2019.

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Retrieving media from a non-responsive phone


My phone fell out of my pocket while I was riding a bike and the screen got seriously damaged to the point it doesn't display totally anything. However it still vibrates when I plug it in to charger so I believe it still could function. I tried to connect the phone to the pc through usb cable to get my gallery recovered but mtp usb driver failed to install (that wasn't the case earlier or with other phone I checked) and the devices didn't connect. Is there some way to get my data back? Any tips are welcome

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@chugummy there really isn't. You will need to have full access to your phone to back things up etc. Time to fix it. Replace the display first.

Samsung Galaxy A40 Display tauschen

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I see, it's a pity there is no easy way. Display is pretty costly for me so I rather just move on and get a new phone. Thanks for answer.


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