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Released April 2014; identified by model ILCE-6000. A mirrorless, digital E-mount camera with APS-C Sensor.

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Flash replacement.. needs help


I tried to replace A6000's Flash myself.

I prepared the replacement part and opened the case successfully.

However, I figured out that the problem is that the connector is detached from

the firm, not the flash part itself.

Block Image

is there any method I can attach this connector to the film again?


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@jaesunlim soldering connectors back on a flex is almost impossible. In your case, it looks like the flex itself is tore where the connector goes. Replacing the flex is really the only option here.

Use this document Sony ILCE 6000 α6000 - iFixit to work on your camera. It will also have the part number for the flex cable etc.

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Looks like a pretty big job on these :/. Everything has to come out. Not impossible, but wow... Just as bad as I expected, maybe worse.


@nick nothing is ever easy. That is what those companies want. If it's easy, anybody can fix it. Undesirable for the Profit-before-Planet (People) machinery. It does not matter if one takes a day to fix things and I am sure the OP will succeed.


@oldturkey03 I've taken out a few cameras before, so that's why I was warning the OP about the deep disassembly. As you know, those failures ended well years later.


@nick right! Nothing ventured, nothing gained


@oldturkey03 The moment you land a high spec camera everyone wants for cheap after killing a few is when the fails pay off. Now I'm comfortable enough I will take on something like a 10k shutter count 77D or even 80D and a bad screen, and just swap the screen if I ever had that chance.

That said, you don't get from failure to cheap pro camera overnight.


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Not a fun job on the Sony E-mount cameras, this is a full-blown teardown :(. I did the mount on my Sony a5000 and even had some trouble initially thinking I missed something when it looked like I did everything... I initially forgot the ground spring; it stuck to the plastic mount I pulled from the camera... DOH!!! I should have known! You just remove 4 screws from the front, ditch the plastic junk and original hybrid support metal piece which does nothing except hold the awful plastic mount. Makes the a5000, 6000 and hybrid NEX bodies a million times better and opens you up to running heavy lenses; even some of Minolta's best lenses of the 90s.

On these you generally work from the back to the front in many cases, sometimes the opposite for other parts like the lens mount assembly with the electronics. IF the front has to come off, you will probably need to remove the lens mount. At this point, if I was repairing this a6000 I'd probably swap the plastic mount with a metal TOUGH E-Mount LT from Fotodiox and improve the camera in the process to make these older hybrid cameras stable with heavy lenses and the LA-EA2 (Ex: LA-EA2+Minolta f4 beercan). The tight integration of these mirrorless cameras makes them worse than many DSLRs to repair, so plan ahead with this one.

This will be a bear of a job, but it can be done. Just a major heads-up from someone who has done cameras from Canon, Sony, and Minolta and gotten a few flash cap bites, and snagged a cheap Minolta 7 after repairing it; and later a 7D with the Alpha badge from Japan without the dreaded FFB/E58 issue you can't fix due to the part being EOL.

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