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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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Panasonic TH P55VT wont turn on

Red LED on, Green LED flashes but using remote turns power off and have to reset by unplugging from power.

Update (07/19/23)

Refer to table for VDC

Block Image

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Hi @tonyw66285,

What happens if you use the TV controls on the back of the TV to turn it on etc, instead of the remote?


Same thing, the TV just dies and I have to unplug from Mains to reset, then go through the whole cycle again only to have same result. I'm told by Panasonic repair centres that Plasma TV aren't supported and there are no parts available.



There's a few service manuals online but a quick look through them, isn't very helpful, as the troubleshooting section has be omitted and it refers you a website where I suppose authorized repairers can get info but I can't even find the website as there's no URL link etc

These guides don't have schematics or flowcharts as a lot of other makes of TV service manuals do, so you would know what value voltages were to be found on different boards, just to give an idea of where to start looking.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


Thanks anyway. Good reason for not buying another Panasonic


@tonyw66285 They are all pretty much the same right now. Panasonic, Samsung, Philips etc. All not what we all hope to purchase. TV's have now become a disposable item, which is not what it should be. Anyhow, your model number is incomplete. There should be another 2 digits past the VT. Check on that. You willing to give it a try and see if we get the beast back into action? Or you ready to take it to the recycle yard? It's a plasma so it's a bit more involved.


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@tonyw66285 just so we are all on the same page. Here is the description for the individual boards. That way we all use the same terminology :-)

Block Image

Number 1 issues with these beasts is a bad fan. Make sure that your fans are nice and clean, good airflow and that both of them spin up.

Update (07/07/23)

@tonyw66285 the way you describe the error, your TV does not do any signal processing, nor does it detect a normal "SOS Detect" error. That would mean the error is most likely on the A or P board. Number 2 rule for Panasonic's plasma, the A board is always suspect #1 for any blinking failure.

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Thankyou, that will no doubt help.


@tonyw66285 you can check some voltages on your P-Board. Just be careful since you have to turn your TV on for this. That means there is power on the board and enough to bite something fierce if you touch the wrong part ;-) Let the probe of your meter do the touching .

Unplug the TV. Place your voltmeter on pin 1 of connector P6. Plug in the TV and press the power switch. Let us know what voltage you get. May just be briefly while you press the power switch.

After that you can check connector P6 pin 6 should be 5VDC, Pin 10 and Pin 11 should be 15VDC. see if those are present.


@oldturkey03 Is Chassis 0V ??


@tonyw66285 yes, chassis can be ground. If that is what you mean. Just use any one of the screws that hold the boards to the back panel. Those will all be ground.


@oldturkey03 Sorry for delay. No voltage on pin1 on power up. 4.45VDC on pin 6 & 15.61VDC on pins 10 & 11.


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