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The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth console gaming system. Repair is simple and requires only common tools.

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GameCube disk not spinning /sticky “open” button

The consoles “turns on” and I checked that at the store, from my knowledge the disk “doesn’t spin” the tray and lens was very dirty. I am going to be purchasing the cord and controllers to test. (Since I haven’t owned one before) but my main issue here is that the “open” button gets stuck and I have to pry it out with fingernail to close it. Any sort of easy repair?

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No "easy" way. It really needs to be opened and the button mechanism removed and cleaned. It's not terribly difficult either though. However you will need a special screw driver. Most people call them "Game Bit" drivers. It is needed to open the console. Once open you just need a regular philips for the button mechanism. There's probably youtube videos showing the process.

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The button mechanism just got dirty I just had to press it in and out pretty hard and it worked


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