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Guides for Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen Chromebooks with Intel processors. Models with AMD chips are very similar, however MediaTek models are entirely different. These guides will not work for models with MediaTek chips.

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How to unblock school Chromebook

I'm pretty sure a lot of people ask this and get the answer to basically reset the laptop, but I have to turn my Chromebook back into the school in two or three years, I just need a way to get around school blocks to access some sites (Mostly for school reasons) because just about every website is blocked. Is there any highly new-fashioned way that schools aren't aware of (yet) that I can use?

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@lilbabyd it's not yours to mess with it. It belongs to the school. It's given to you to enhance your education. I am sure that the sites that are required for that, are open to you. You are dealing with somebody else property and taxpayers money. You should respect the freebie to you, not trying to circumvent rules. For what you have planned get your own computer.


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Make easy reset, after 2-3years nobody will have interesse when is some original restriction here.

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