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90A Welder with a 30 to 125A Hot Welding Range.

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Drive rollor not spinning

I can't figure out why my drive rollor won't spin when I pull the trigger. I pulled off the motor and tested it and the motor works as it should. The red wire going from the motor to the coil is getting power but I'm not getting power from the black wire the goes from the motor to the circuit board. Does anyone know what the problem is? Im thinking it might be the circuit board but I don't see any signed of it being bad from looking at it.

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While not familiar with MIG welders, a motor is a motor, requiring a switch and power. If not powered directly from 120 vac, a circuit or drop down transformer may have a ac to dc circuit to power the motor. Did you check the switch for continuity with a multimeter? A wiring diagram may be provided, like refrigerators but not if electronics are involved (basic power flow diagram). I don't know of welding equipment have wiring diagrams inside covers or included in manuals.


I am thinking it is the circuit board behind the wire speed knob because I hot wired it to bypass that knob and it ran at full speed (because of no speed knob) but it ran wire so I think it's that circuit board/knob.


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Hi @wyattpung

Looking at the control board for the welder, perhaps check if the potentiometer is OK.

Disconnect the power and then remove the board to gain access to the pot and use an Ohmmeter to see if the resistance of the pot varies as you turn it. Hopefully there may be some markings on it to help identify its value etc

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