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Released April 2014; identified by model ILCE-6000. A mirrorless, digital E-mount camera with APS-C Sensor.

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Viewfinder black, getting no image.

Viewfinder black, getting no image. Had this camera for about 7 years and it's taken a beating so probably my damage to it but wonder if there was anything I could do try get an image through to the viewfinder?

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Hi @edbriscoe

Have you tried adjusting the diopter adjustment control, you didn't say? See Item #15 p.12 of the user manual for the location

Perhaps also check the finder/monitor setting in the camera

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Yeah I tried adjusting diopter both ways, still black.

Yes its on auto.



Here's the service manual that may help.

The evf is connected to board SY-1028 (see p.5-1E.)


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