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No power to debug lights but mobo gets RGB lights. new build.

After assembly, my computer does not power on except for the motherboard RGB light, and I get no debug indicators that tell me what the problem is. I have tried every trouble shooting step I can that doesn’t require changing parts as this is a new build with new parts (haven’t had a desktop in years). Any idea which of these may be the culprit?

  • Motherboard - AsRock B550 Pro 4
  • CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 4500
  • GPU - AsRock Radeon RX6600
  • RAM - Corsair DDR4 16GBx2
  • PSU - Seasonic Focus GX-750
  • Storage - 2tb SSD + 1tb SSD
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My hunch is the PSU.


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Hi @awdly,

What do you mean by "motherboard RGB light"?

I don't know the motherboard but looking at the board layout on p.7 of the user manual the only LEDs on the board are the PSC (POST status checker or debug) LEDs Item #18.

Any reference to RGB is for header pin connections or have you got RGB lights connected already?

If the PSC lights are on which one is glowing?

If none and there's no fan operation, case or CPU, it is a worry as it may be a motherboard or PSU problem.

If you have a DMM (digital multimeter] you could try performing the paperclip test on the PSU to make sure that all the voltage supplies are there and that they're all correct.

If they're all OK it's looking like the motherboard.

if you have a system speaker (example only) connect it to the appropriate header pins on the spk_pled1 header (Item #20 on p.7) and check if there are any error beeps in case there's a problem with the debug lights

Block Image

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