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How do I enter recovery mode on a I-Life k4800 tablet?

I-life k4800 tablet I tried to enter recovery mode but there is no recovery mode in factory mode. There is only auto test.

How to unlock tablet?

Can you help me plzz

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There are a few things that we will need to know in order to assist you better. What Operating System is your tablet running? Also, does this device belong to an organization like a school or a business? This could help us determine if there is an MDM preventing us from entering recovery mode.


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Hi @mohamedibr38502

Not much info regarding your model but assuming that manufacturers don't change things between their models, here's a video for a iLife itell K3300sb, that shows how to enter the recovery menus that may help.

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It goes directly to auto test. Plz help me my brother crying all night



If you get to the recovery menus and that's all that's there then the manufacturer has programmed it that way.

You may have to find the firmware for it.

As I said there not much information online for the model or at least none that I could find.


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