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The KitchenAid 5.5/6.0/7.0-quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixers (Models: KSM55/KSM60/KSM70), including the Redesigned Premium Touchpoints model, are a series of bowl-lift stand mixers released in 2022-2023. This series of mixers replaces the myriad of previous bowl-lift stand mixer models. They feature a number of improvements including: a more robust gearbox design, a much quieter and more efficient AC motor, and the addition of a new 1/2 speed setting.

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Is there a replacement guide for new version?

I have new version which has a model number: ksm55sxxxcu.

I have some control card failures so I would like to replace the card. But the is at the bottom of the motor . To reach the card you must take the motor out first. But motor has a conjuction with the tip and i could not seperate the motor from the tip.

is there a guide for the new version describing how to take the control card out?

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Hi, these guides apply to your mixer as well. The control board is called the Speed/Motor Control Assembly. You can use the guide in this device for your model for opening and replacing the control board. Internally, the KSM55/KSM60/KSM70 are identical with only minor part number differences.

I have been gradually updating the guides to include the correct part numbers for all mixers in the KSM55/KSM60/KSM70 lineup (e.g., the Power Cord Replacement Guide for this model). In the meantime, until I can incorporate them in all of the guides, I have uploaded the Repair Parts List for your model to the device main page. The part number for the Speed/Motor Control Assembly is W11503693.

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