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Samsung's flagship phone-with-stylus and the successor to the Note8, released August 2018. Features a 6.4" display and up to 512 GB of onboard storage.

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Camera and other sensors have stopped working

The other day the camera, fingerprint sensor and accelerometor on my Galaxy Note 9 all stopped responding at the same time. When i open the camera app, nothing shows and the app sort of hangs (tapping the take photo button does nothing), the fingerprint sensor doesn't respond when i try to unlock the phone, and the phone doesn't auto-rotate. The phone is also overheating all the time and drains the battery 100-0% in just four hours (usually it was a day and a half). It kind of feels like the phone is trying to find the unresponsive parts and is burning through the battery in the process. Makes me think it's a hardware issue.

Phone is fully updated. Rebooted multiple times and cleared partition cache to no effect.

Running the *#0*# diagnostics none of the sensors in there are responsive either.

I'm opting to factory reset it and then pop the phone open if that doesn't work. Does anyone have suggestions before i do so? This is my personal phone so i'm hesitant to do anything too permanent before i do so.

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Hi @sazazezerm42472,

I would factory reset the phone and then check. if it still fails then it is a hardware problem.

If it works it was software. Restore the phone using the phone's restore feature and the backup you made (see Note) and check that it still works OK after it has been restored.

Note: Be sure to backup the phone to the cloud or a computer before performing the reset, as the reset will erase all your data and downloaded apps. It will restore the phone to its factory default condition i.e. like when you first got it or last updated the firmware for it.

Also if the phone has a Google or Samsung account tied to it be sure to remember the User ID and password for the account so as to be able to access the phone after the reset so that it can be set up again. This is due to the FRP (factory reset protection) lock that is enabled when a reset is performed. FRP lock is a security measure designed to protect your data etc in case the phone is lost or stolen.

It is always advisable to have recent backups anyway as you never know if or when a phone may fail. Good practice to get into if you don't already do this.

If it is a hardware problem, here's a link to the service manual (make sure to scroll down and click on the correct link! This is a .rar file so you need something like 7Zip to open the file so that it can be viewed) and also the ifixit Samsung Galaxy Note9 guide as well.

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