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A gaming PC is a personal computer specifically designed and optimized for playing video games.

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How to pc gaming

كيف اركب الحاسوب الكمبيوتر الموجودة في البيت


How to install a computer The computer in the house

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@lkntlghmd we need more information to help you. What computer? What hardware? What are you trying to do?


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I assume you mean how do you build a pc? if you're really not sure I'd suggest starting with a pre-built pc, there's many companies out there that admittedly at a higher cost than self-built will provide a pc built, set up with windows and usually under warranty too, as far as installing in your home, you'll have power leads, internet if you plan to connect wired or get a pc with a wireless adapter to connect to wifi, in addition to a pc tower/case you'll also need a monitor/screen, keyboard, mouse, ideally a mouse-mat under the mouse and should you so wish, a headset/speakers, as far as storage I strongly recommend having at least 2tb of storage, Ideally on an ssd instead of hdd as they're faster, quieter, and last longer.

hope this helps.

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I would add that instead of going to a pre-built vendor, try checking your local computer store.

I don't know how this translates to OP's country, but I will build custom builds to meet my client's needs and usually come in about 10% less than the cost on I can save you significantly more than that, even, if you want certified refurbished parts.

(This does not apply to custom watercooling loops, as the time needed to do a loop properly is more than the time to build the entire rest of the PC, and my labor is priced accordingly.)

Going to a boutique builder who does super intense cable management and powercoated cases is going to cost you, and in my experience most pre-builds skimp out on important (but not flashy) details like cooling and PSU, but finding a local store who buys the same parts you can buy yourself and assembles it for you is oftentimes cheaper than just buying the same parts yourself.


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