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How do I clear the engine codes?

How do i clear the engine codes once the repair has been made?

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From here.

"No matter what kind of Pontiac vehicle you drive, at some point you're sure to come across a situation where the check engine light goes on and will require the error code to be cleared out. Error codes are triggered when your Pontiac's computer detects a mechanical issue with the car and then illuminates the check engine light. Once the problem is fixed, the code will need to be cleared out to turn off the check engine light. The process is the same regardless of what year, make or model of Pontiac you drive.

1 Open your hood and familiarize yourself with the components under the hood.

2 Look for the battery, which will be in various locations depending on your specific year and model. The battery usually is located in one of the corners of the engine compartment. It will be a square box with two cables connected to it. If you cannot visually locate the battery, consult your owner's manual for specific location.

3 Use the adjustable wrench to disconnect the negative battery clamp. It will be connected to a black cable, and the metal terminal coming out of the battery will be marked by a minus sign.

4 Wait for a minute with the negative battery clamp disconnected.

5 Insert the key into your Pontiac's ignition, and turn on the vehicle. Look on the instrument panel on the dashboard to confirm the check engine light has gone off.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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use auto diagnostic tool or code scan tool to clear the fault codes.

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You could also take your vehicle to your closes autoparts store for help with this. An employee of the store should be able to help you with clearing the fault code.

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I chamged out my. Starter and now no runnning lights are available


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Why does everybody want to know how to clear codes? If you fix the problem, the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light will go out immediately and the code will clear all by itself within 25 ignition cycles, as long as there is no re-ocurrance. The CE (or SES) Light is there to tell you there's a problem. If you clear the code(s), but don't repair the problem, it will turn back on within three ignition cycles.

Get a code reader, write down the code number(s), then find appropriate service information on that number. Follow the diagnostic trouble tree until you isolate the problem device or open/shorted circuit and effect the repair. Then, restart the engine. Once the ECM runs it's routine, post start diagnostic and passes, it will turn off the CE or SES light and religate the code to history.

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