Why does my Fussion AV-8011 BT amplifier have no sound

The amp only powers on and after that it doesn't have sound

Update (05/01/23)

Model is Fussion AV-8011 BT

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Hi @bokanglefata

What is the make and model number of the receiver?



What is the model number of the Fussion receiver as there are a few different models?



This is all I could find regarding the receiver which is not very useful as it doesn't even offer a user manual to know what features it has.

Does the receiver have an headphones socket?

If so do you hear audio when plugging a set of headphones into the socket?

have you checked that you have selected the correct input source for the audio to be heard?


@jayeff the receiver does not have any headphones socket.

Also yes i plugged the speakers in a correct source



All I can suggest is that you open the receiver and check the amplifier board voltages are all OK or if there are any obvious signs of component damage e.g. burnt out or heat stressed components.

The power board seems to be OK as you said the receiver turns on, although this doesn't mean that it is supplying the correct voltages to the amp board.

Without a schematic for the receiver it is difficult to know.

I assume that it is no longer covered by any manufacturer's warranty?

If it is, don't open it up as this will void the warranty. Contact Fussion in you location about a repair.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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