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The HP Chromebook 11A G6 EE is one of the first Chromebooks from HP to include an AMD processor. It features a lightweight yet rugged design with young students in mind.

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Screen does not work

I have quite a few Chromebooks with this issue, and they are this generation or a new generation of this line of Chromebooks. The Chromebooks have no display output at all. I have tried swapping in multiple screens, and screen cables as well as batteries. What's weird is if I plug in a USB light it can turn off and on when pressing the power button which makes it seems like the Chromebook is working. Also, if I hard reset the Chromebook the light does what I would expect with a working Chromebook. I tried with a USB mouse, but it does not light up. I am starting to do some component level repair, so I am wondering would it could possible be to try are maybe replace the component. I should mention I looked at the display connector on the motherboard, and everything seems to be connected.

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Hi @mcoy,

With the laptop on, try shining a flashlight at an angle close to the screen and check if you can see any images at all. They will be very faint if there so trying this in a darkened room may help to see them.

If you can see images then there a backlight problem with the display. Since you have tried different presumably known working display panels and display cables then as you say there's a problem on the motherboard.

What is the motherboard's model number as printed on the motherboard, maybe GA0nnnnnn? The schematics will be needed to be found to find out how the power is delivered to the panel through the cable. Some motherboards have a backlight fuse whereas others supply directly from a power mosfet.

Nowadays what is applicable to both though is that there's always backlight power supplied to the screen but it is turned on and off in the screen by a signal sent on the backlight enable lead from the motherboard to the panel.

If you can't see any images and if you have a display device that has a USB Type-C connector, providing DisplayPort output then connect an external monitor to either of the laptop's USB-C ports and check if there's a display showing on it.

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Thanks for the reply. It is unfortunately not a backlight issue. The screens I tried worked in another plus the original screen and screen cable in the computer I swapped into another, and they worked in that Chromebook. I just tried with an adapter, and it had no display out, but I also tried on a working Chromebook, and it didn't have a display output either. Maybe this adapter doesn't play well with ChromeOS. The model number is Model: og3c da0gmb18f0 rev f. Where do you find the schematic generally? This would by my first time needing one because I am pretty new to component-level stuff, but I have tried to look for one before and can never find one or the right one. I did try to look briefly for one for this, but the only one I found was from a few years before this device can out for a completely different thing.



Did you mean DA0G3MB18F0?

Looking online it seems as though you're not the only one looking for schematics for this board.

I can't find any either.

Having no display makes me wonder if the BIOS is corrupt and that the laptop is even passing startup.

I realize that you said that a USB responded to the Power button but this may be just the power being turned on and off to the port.

The best I can find is BIOS.bin file downloads (search for DA0G3MB18F0 bios.bin file) but you have to mostly pay for them.

Also at this stage I don't know how to flash to BIOS for HP Chromebooks

I assume that you have tried to get into Recovery mode and check if there's a display there?

Press and hold Esc + Refresh , then press Power . Let go of Power. On some Chromebook models: Press and hold Esc + Maximize , then press Power. Let go of Power.

FYI I'm a moderator on this forum and noticed that you posted two comments to my answer both of which had been deleted by the iRobot spam filter.

I don't know why this occurred except perhaps it got over vigorous and thought that the board number you included in the comment was a phone number and therefore spam.

I have reopened both comments and then deleted one as a duplicate.

This has also restored your reputation points on the forum that you lost because the comments had been deleted as spam - 100 points for each deletion.

I have advised the ifixit admin about this so that they can tweak the iRobot a bit so hopefully it won't happen again.


@jayeff Hey thanks for the comment clean up. I posted the first one refreshed and didn`t see it, so I thought maybe I screwed up somehow and posted the second.

Yeah, I tried a hard reset which the LED pattern does follow like a normal Chromebook,k and I was kinda surprised that the magnetic sensor works. On Chromebook when the lid is lifted it should automatically turn on. The USB light does automatically turn on when the lid is lifted. I also as you mentioned tried recovery mode and also tried to reinstall ChromeOS using the recovery utility, but I'm not sure if it also flashes the BIOS. I looked in Google Admin and pulled the logs, and it hasn't connected since yesterday, which has been "on" plenty, so it should have something more recent you might be right about it not turning on.

For future reference how would you find schematic files? Just look up X schematic?



To find schematics it is best to look for "(insert motherboard board number) schematic" and hope that they're available. A lot are but you have to sign up to websites e.g. or have to pay e.g.

You could try this website as they do have a lot (not your current one though) and they are free downloads

Be careful of the ones that say that all you need is a Credit card and then lead to a link. They're just scammers after your details.


@jayeff Hmm Ok thanks you have been very helpful. I think you are on to something with the Bios but this Chromebook I think its too wacked to fix probably. I tried the recovery image again and it did turn on, but any bump of the device it reboots. After a few reboots is looks like it corrupt the OS. Thanks for all the help though.


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