I have an iPod 160gb but it doesnt want to play

plays when it wants to very seldom

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@gary27891 give us more of a background on this. We need to know what you mean by "plays when it wants to very seldom". What happens? What does it do? What have you checked?


Hard drive probably knackered. I have the same model. Just replaced the battery now it needs a new hard drive. Just clicks and whirs.


@nigel compact flash upgrade, get rid of hdd, mine still alive 3 years later 😁


@gary27891 if it is a 160GB it should actually be a 6th/7th gen iPod and not a 5th gen. Double check on that.

Never had any luck with CF conversion on that generation. 5th worked great for me


Hi Gary, Please provide more context to help your question get answered correctly.


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