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Stereo Bluetooth Headset erschienen 2020

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My Headband broke, now it flexes way too much

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Hello Dear People,

I think I dropped my Evolve2 Headset, since then my headband flexes at the spot where the silicone patting and the plastics of the headband merge.

I want to take it apart but I´m a bit insecure about how to do this.

Has anyone any experience?

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@lukaslobuescher some of the "headbands" really can't be completely disassembled. It might help if you post some good pictures of what you got going on there, with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide


Hello oldturkey,

thank you for the answer!

I thought I already did upload the pictures...

Here they are


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I have the same issue. I was googling for a while and found no take apart diagrams. Additionally, I couldn't even find any headband replacement as service part (there is always the option to look for broken ones and cannibalize it, but that will give a less working span for the headset...).

Is there any update on this topic?

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same issue here. Anyone brave enough o open and try to fix it?


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