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Apple's top-of-the-line smartphone for 2020. Announced on October 13th and released November 13th, the iPhone 12 Pro Max sports a 6.7" OLED display, a triple rear camera system with LiDAR, and 5G connectivity. Successor to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Which lens cover goes where?

I have problems with the Ultra wide angle camera on my iPhone 12 Pro Max (eu version) it has dust inside, so i wanted to clean it inside witch it means the lens cover needed to be repalaced, i got the replacement part but sadly i don't know lens goes where

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Hi @boostedwilliam,

I don't know the answer to your question; you'll probably have to compare the black rings on the replacement lenses to those on the phone and match them up according to the width of those rings.

However, there is an alternative that I assume you've already rejected, but here it is anyway.

Instead of attempting to remove those pieces of glass, you could instead open up the phone and remove the cameras themselves. That would allow you to use compressed air and/or a vacuum to clean out the cavity and the camera thoroughly and ensure you've got everything; you'll be able to do a much more complete job than just by removing the glass lenses. Here's an iFixit guide showing you exactly how to pull those cameras out for cleaning.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Rear-Facing Cameras Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

You also risk breaking the lenses when you're trying to get them out, which could drop shards of glass into the camera, making things worse.

Your choice, of course, but something to consider.

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