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Anyone knows where to find manual for Air conditioning units?

Hello I have a American Home AHAC-WTI1000iOX that is spitting an F0 error. I unfortunatly lost its user/service manual so i could not look up what is specific problem is wrong.

Does anyone know of a place where the repositories for service manual for air conditioning units?

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have you tried talking to customer service?

do you still have a warranty on it?

also i found a video that might not be your model, but still could help

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Unfortunately manuals for this brand don't seem available... you'll have to contact the manufacturer like the above poster recommended


No more warranty just passed the 1 year mark, Im fairly confident with these type of repairs, i just want to know what is it detecting to be wrong. There is a service center i called which they claim to be a service center for american home, and they said they cant give a copy to me, (so predatorial to get a customer right?). It would be very expensive for me to call AH headquaters (America?) , i afraid i will just be on hold for hours.

Im trying to send an email to what i think is official AH in my country. hopefully they reply...


Other models seems to pointing to the same problem F0 means there is a gas leak somewhere in the compressor


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