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An Android smartphone announced by Vivo in June 2016.

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How to hard reset my vivox7

it have been dificult using my vivo phone needed to be reset need some help

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Hi @adide

If you mean a factory reset (aka hard reset) be aware that doing this will erase all your personal data and downloaded apps. It will restore the phone to its factory default condition.

Also if there is a Google account associated with the phone you will need to remember the account User ID and Password to access the phone again once the phone has been reset due to the FRP lock being enabled (factory reset protection).

If you can still access the phone and it is working OK, backup the phone to the cloud or a computer using the phone's backup settings before performing the reset.

Here's a link that shows how to factory reset the phone if it is still working. At the bottom of the page in the link it describes how to reset the phone if you can't access it i.e. if it doesn't operate properly.

There seems to be a difference of opinion as to how to perform the reset using the buttons on the phone as this link says to press the Vol Up + Power to enter the recovery mode whereas the first link I posted states Vol Down + Power. If one way doesn't work, try the other.

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