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The iMac G5, powered by the PowerPC G5 processor, was originally released in 2004.

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Adapting a 17" G5 PSU for a 20" iMac

I think it is difficult I got into my 20 inch iMac power unit unsoldered the blown caps but it was a mess so now I have no Power unit but I have 17inch iMac I wonder if I can use that one and Transfer change the Power unit but do not know if it would work.

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I don't understand this question.


some punctuation may help... :-)


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The slot on the side of he PSU that tightens up the plate from the bottom screw is in a different position than the one from the 20". I have noticed a reduced brightness on the screen when testing out the 17" PSUs on the 20". The 17" PSU can probably be used at this point in the life of your machine, you will need to break off that bottom middle screw or the frame will bulge out when you try to put it in. Your best bet is to shut all power off to the machine via a switch on a power strip to stop any power going to the machine when off. This will help extend the life of your PSU although it will mean slightly longer startup times.

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I am in the same predicament. For bench testing, that PSU will work. But the 17" iMac PSU sockets won't line up with the holes for the AC cord and Kensington lock of the back of the 20" iMac.

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