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The fourth-generation City (second-generation as a sedan) made its world debut at the Thailand International Motor Expo in Bangkok in November 2002. Development of the vehicle continued to be handled by Honda Thailand.

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RPM is high and its keeps blinking afterwards

When I start my car, the RPM is already high, then when I am on my way, the D icon on my dashboard will blink and it will blink until you turn off the engine. The car sometimes feels like it doesn't want to accelerate.

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Sensor not working


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Hi @everleenma65479

The light is warning you that there's a problem with the transmission.

Get the vehicle OBDII port scanned and check if there are any transmission error codes shown.

The error code number will indicate the type of problem with the transmission e.g. faulty sensor, gear solenoid etc.

A lot of major auto parts retail chains in the USA will scan the OBDII port for free.

Get it checked sooner than later before more problems are created.

Maybe also check the level of the transmission fluid to make sure that it is OK and also that the fluid looks OK (not dark and burnt looking) and doesn't need replacing etc.

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