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Philips 58PUS8105/ 12 4K Ambient light

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Blank Screen- sound works.


In need of some advice/ help and having read so many helpful questions, answers and solutions, I wanted to reach out to see if anyone has any idea.

The screen has suddenly gone blank, I’ve tinkered with a few TV’s over the past year or so, so I’m comfortable taking the TV apart etc.

Backlights are fully working so they’re not the issue.

Unplug 1 of the T-Con board Cables and half the screen displays as normal, plug that back in and repeat for the other T-Con board Cable and the other side of the screen works and displays what you would expect.

Clean T-Con Cables and their respective sockets, plug both back in and no image displayed.

Am I correct in assuming this is a Faulty T-Con board or is it likely the Video board is at fault?

Any help would be really helpful



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@shep67506 according to your tests, I would start with the T-con board. Your main board is sending the right video signals to the T-con board For now the possibility of a bad main board would be pretty low on my list. If anything, it is something past the T-con board that would prevent your picture from displaying. T-con board first, Then re-evaluate.

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