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Repair information for the game cartridge used for Gameboy Advance games, also known as the AGB-002.

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How to replace the battery and fix solar sensor in a boktai cartridge?

So, the boktai GBA is unique due to the fact that it has a solar sensor on top and it uses the battery not for saving but for counting time.

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(The solar sensor is found on the top the cartridge, it is also a UV sensor) The problem I’m with is that the solar sensor isn’t picking up much light as usual and the battery is dead. I just want to know how to fix these issues, what the battery is and if their is any precautions I should take.

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@giwifruit same idea for this cartridge than the others. First you want to replace the battery. It is a CR2025 battery. Here is the guide for that Game Boy Advance Cartridge Battery Replacement. After that I would probably try and replace the " solar sensor" Check for any damage on the circuit board since it appears as if broken traces are fairly common. The other thing would be to run this Solar Sensor Patch Kit and see if that will work for you. Of course, you also want some 99%isopropyl alcohol and a cotton tip applicator to clean your photodiode. If that does not yield the results you are looking for, you can replace it with another BPW34. Replacements can be purchased at places like this Remember, that will require soldering as well.

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Thank you so much man, because of how niche this game is in the US, it was hard to find anything that could help me with this problem


@giwifruit absolutely. I was surprised to see the price for this game. A real novelty! I wish you best success with your repair. Definitely a worthwhile task. Repair is War on Entropy


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