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The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover manufactured by Honda since 1995. Since It uses the Honda Civic platform in an SUV body it was called "CR-V" which stands for Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.

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rear window washer nozzel broke how do you replace it

how do you replace a rear window washer nozzel on a 2007 honda crv

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Hi @bobheller

Here are the relevant sections from the 2007 Honda CR-V service repair manual that shows what to do.

Go to p.22-225 of the body electrical (section #22) of the manual to view how to remove/replace the washer nozzle, after you have gained access to it as referred to in body (section #20) p.20-83.

Note: When you click on the links, once the documents have loaded (allow a bit of time to fully load), the page number is shown on the bottom right corner of each page. The page numbering shown in the document header bar is slightly out by about 4 numbers

Hopefully this is of some help.

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