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Device and repair information for the Dell XPS 13 laptop models 9343 and 9350, which were both released in 2015.

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Change USB-c port

I use the USB-C port to connect my 9350 to a screen, but it has started to malfunction and disconnect if I move the desk even slightly. I want to replace the connector if possible or find an alternative solution.

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@agptmiranteldit download the service manual for your computer Tto work on it.


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So : everything is possible to fix.

I haven't opened one of these up, but I am guessing that the port is soldered on the motherboard.

If you do have the knowledge, patience and skills to replace the port (which, again : will require soldering, which is not a very easy task), yes you can replace it.

Otherwise, you could take it to a repair shop and they will do it.

I see any alternative solutions than this, so these are your only 2 options.

Either take it to a repair shop, or replace it yourself.

Let me know what you do, and if you fix it!

- Stratos


Edit : After looking at pictures, schematics, etc., the USB-C port is in fact soldered to the PCB. The issue is that even to reach the board, it requires A LOT of disassembly. I wouldn't be confident enough to do it, but if you are, definitely try. But if I was making a guide for this, I would probably set the difficulty to "Very Difficult" which is the highest setting.

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Reading the manual it doesn't say what you are saying. It seems odd your answer...

Thanks, page 70 from the manual

oldturkey03 wrote:

@agptmiranteldit download the service manual for your computer This computer uses a dedicated power-adapter port. There is no soldering etc. involved. All you have to to is to Remove the base cover. Remove the battery. Remove the wireless card. The port is available at places like this and many others. Remember; Repair is War on Entropy!


@agptmiranteldit Isn't page 70 talking about the power adapter port?


The power adapter also has a USB-C connector, and according to the manual, it doesn't require desoldering any components. It seems quite easy, but we'll see.


@agptmiranteldit the power adapter is separate. The USB-C and SD card reader are on one board, but those are not the port (I think :-) you are referring too. I believe you are looking at the port on the same side as the power adapter. I did not find anything on that. The right thing to do, is to remove the bottom cover and to check it all out. Let us know what you find and I am certain we can assist you with whatever you will find.


Stratos is right, the piece that you recommended is only the power adapter port and what I need to change is the usb-c port.


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