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The GoPro Hero5 Black is an HD waterproof action camera released by GoPro in October of 2016. The 4k resolution video camera has voice control, a touch screen display, and built in WiFi.

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Will not detect or read and SD card

It just keeps reading SD card error

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Sometimes cleaning the SD card slot with some isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush can help to resolve this issue

Also the Hero 5 was known for the water resistance being a bit of a hit or a miss so if it has been exposed to water I would recommend using this guide to check the device for water damage

Here’s a disassembly guide

GoPro Hero5 Black Motherboard Replacement

Once again isopropyl alcohol is good at cleaning corrosion but water damage can sometimes need professional work

I would also check the formatting of the SD Card,make sure the GoPro can read it:-)

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Try another SD card before you get to the point of disassembly, i've had some SD cards fail in odd ways like that before!


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