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Released in 2014, identified by 11.6 inch screen, 2-in-1 convertible touchscreen laptop. Model number 11t-n000.

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laptop internet also disconnect automatically after few minutes

My laptop internet also disconnect automatically after few minutes. I am facing this issue from morning i did all those above steps, my driver are also upto date. To get reconnect i had to turn on airplane mode of my laptop and then turn off then i need to connect the wifi manually. any one guide on this?

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My problem is fixed. I think its due to some temp file virus or bug because i used ccleaner to make my pc optimized but this also fixed the wifi problem don't know how but it got fix.


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Hi @yousaf0980

Please confirm the make and model number of the laptop.

Does the WiFi turn off or does it just simply disconnect from the internet?

If it just disconnects, try using the laptop's WiFi as close as possible to your home (or work) network router i.e. <20cm, and check if the connection remains stable.

If it does it may be an antenna problem in the laptop.

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HP laptops are infamous for poor wifi range and performance, i've had several that can't even get a connection from across the room. Definitely a good idea to try to get as close as you can to the router.


It was working fine from yesterday it is showing problem. My other home laptop working fine. I think it is issue in windows.



Did you try what I suggested, you never said?

if it works OK if you try this, then knowing the exact model number will help to find the service manual to make for an easier repair.


i don't know what happened but it is fixed now itself

:P i just used ccleaner once after that don't know what it fix but problem is gone now.


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