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The eMachines ET1831-05 is a budget desktop system produced by eMachines.

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Green power Light keeps blinking

Green power Light keep blinking

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Press and hold the power button operated for >10 seconds and then release to ensure that the PC has fully shutdown in case it is in a sleep or hibernate state.

Once it has shut down try turning it on and check if it starts OK

If it doesn't start and boot into the OS then try a power refresh and check if that resolves the problem.

  • Turn off the PC and then disconnect the power to the PSU.
  • Open the PC and remove the coin cell RTC battery from the motherboard. (Once the battery is out, check its voltage. If it is <2.5VDC, replace it. The battery model number is stamped on the battery itself - CR2032 perhaps).
  • Press and hold the Power button for a full 30 seconds and then release it.
  • Reinsert the RTC battery into the battery holder on the motherboard (remember its orientation, usually +ve on top as marked on the battery)
  • Reassemble the PC, reconnect the power to the PSU and turn it on and check it it works OK.

If it turns on OK there may be a message stating that the time and date are incorrect. This is normal as the BIOS has been reset. Once the D&T have been corrected the message won't appear the next time that the PC is started.

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