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Repair information and guides for the 2015 Retina MacBook Air. Model A1534

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MacBook not turning on?

Hi! I got a question, so my Macbook 12 inch 2015 doesn't turn on anymore. I was suspecting a dead battery but since it won't start without one (while plugged in), I think it might be the USB-C port. I left it on the charger overnight and still nothing. It's cold to the touch too. What could be the problem?

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The USB C port is a fair bet. Could also be a bad battery, Or the charger.

In my experience, the USB C ports on those are temperamental. So it would absolutely not surprise me if that were the case. This specific model can be touchy on the hardware side all around.

If you want a more methodical approach, I would have a look at the MacBook Won't Turn On troubleshooting page.

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Thank you for the reply! There is static coming from the mac when (vibrations while charging) I got it plugged in, could it still be the USB-C port? Since there is static... Also checked the charger! That one works perfectly and even tried a different one that also worked on another mac but not this one hahah


Also! Noticed that my Native Union USB-C cable had a little light that indicates that it's charging the device. On my iPad it's constantly on, but when i charge the Mac, it flickers. Which tells me that the Mac doesn't receive power properly... Does this mean it's the port or does this mean that it's the battery? (Both could be a stretch but could be?)


@ebos Definitely sounds like the port. It’s possible it’s the battery, but sort of flickering inconsistent charging seems more like the port cannot cannot the power to the battery.


@flannelist glad to hear this! This will be my first big macbook repair! I ordered a new port and a new battery. Thank you for your help!


Hi hi! Thought I would let you know what the problem was! It was indeed the charging port! It’s fixed now 😄


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