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Why is my power adapter overheating?

When I open my phone it tells me the device is overheating and it shuts down

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abdelhabibtouil you are not telling us what is overheating, or is it just saying it is overheating. If your power adapter is truly overheating, replace the battery and the charging port (daughter board). If it is not overheating, but your phone says it is, replace the battery too. Something like this video will assist you doing this. The part you need to replace, looks like this

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My phone fell and when I turned it on, it says that the temperature is high and it turns off, but there is no overheating


@abdelhabibtouil those temp messages usually come from the battery. Since this happens after your phone dropped, I would disassemble it and take a good look at all the connections etc. Check for any damage. Yes, I like to replace the battery in case like this.


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