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HyperX cloud mix is a wired gaming headset that pumps out rich hi-res Audio at frequencies from 10Hz to 40kHz. Switch to Bluetooth mode for a lightweight, wireless headset for when you're on the go. HyperX custom-designed 40mm Dual chamber drivers separate the bass from the mids and highs for more distinction and clarity by reducing distortion. Cloud mix is compatible with PC and console platforms with 3. 5mm Ports and Bluetooth Ready media devices.

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A PCB Component Fell Out upon Modification

Can someone help me on what component fell off?I attached the original image of the opened HyperX Cloud MIX before the accidental removal and the edited image, encircled part which is the component that fell off.

Block Image

Block Image

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It is an smd capacitor. It would be tricky to guess the value of it. By the looks of it it is on the input 5V line…

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Thanks man. I'll try to check for the smd capacitor then. Have a nice day!


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