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The Macintosh Classic II is a throw back to the original design language of the Macintosh 128. Apple was trying to regain the momentum as Apple was fighting a down turn as there just wasn't enough systems out in the wild yet.

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Mac Classic II Harddrive replacement

Here's a grand folly: Has anyone ever tried to replace the original SCSI harddrive with a SATA, or even a SSD SATA??? Adapters and not enough space come to mind....

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@andrewsawesome - Sorry no SD or CF slot in this series.


@johns21588 let's give it a try. Working on one right now and let me see if an adapter and a SSD will fit. Ordering the adapter as we speak so hopefully, I have some in-depth details for your next week. Everything is just academics unless we give it a try.


I'm largely curious about what effect it would have on Startup, and regular running of applications saved to the 'hard drive'. Capacity is not a big deal, since the original hard drives were only 80MB max.

It would also be interesting to see how difficult it is to install an operating system on a standalone Mac like this with a solid state drive of some sort internal.


I don't know if this will help, but just wanted to point out that dosdude1 has recently made an IDE SSD ( Don't know how hard it would be to adapt this to SCSI, but just wanted to point it out.


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I don't see any SATA adapters for this machine, but there are a few SCSI to SD adapters.

A few I've found are:

ZuluSCSI RP2040

ZuluSCSI V1.1

(ZuluSCSI website)

BlueSCSI (reply for information on where to buy)

If you're not in the US, let me know in a comment and I can send you links to purchase these products in your region.

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Mmm… This is a bit of a puzzle! SCSI was a great system! But it’s performance peaked! I have never seen or heard of a SCSI to SATA solution, I wish there was! I have a collection of JAZZ 2TB drives which I would love to use for backups again.

I’m sure someone could create such a converter, I doubt it would fit or could be powered by the internal PS.

The trick is to get a SCSI PCI board to get the SCIS chip and support chips as well as a SATA to PCI then using a micro-controller to drive the PCI logic and move the signal across. This requires some serious micro code for the controller.

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