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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Desperately looking for help to fix charging issues

My phone charging capabilities have been slowly declining over the last month. The port has become loose which is obviously a factor in the issue. It's now at point where it will not charge at all and is at 0%. It will power on but only if it's on maximum power saving mode while also being connected to a portable power bank at the same time. If I turn max mode off it immediately shuts the phone off. I've tried all the basic troubleshooting except for trying to use the bootloader as the phone will not bring it up. Instead it just continuously reloads back to the screen you see when you first turn on your phone in an endless loop until I let go of the buttons. I'm desperately trying to find a way to fix this issue because

1-I'm an idiot and can't remember which emails I used for my apps or even the one I used for the phone itself. Because it's on max saving mode I can't even bring up my apps to look quickly and find out or backup my phone so it can be transferred onto a new phone, and can't turn it off without it immediately turning itself off.

2- I will lose all the photos of my son who passed a year ago which would absolutely devastate me

Please help!

I just checked again and now it's making a clicking noise like it's trying to start but can't

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Can you buy a wireless charger?


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look inside the port for dust build up, this will prevent the charger from making a good connection, if it looks clean you may need to get the charge port replaced

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Buy a new charging port first, fit it and see if it charges OK. Maybe also buy a new battery too as its an old phone now. Try a wireless charger if you have access to one as well. Seeing as you said the charging port is loose, this is what I would try first.

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