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Opened my laptop up to repaste, now no display (water)

My HP-dc1000ne was overheating. I looked online and the most recommended tip I saw was repasting, so that's what i did. I opened the computer up removed the cooling and saw the old paste, I used saline water and a qtip to get the old paste out, I poured some on the gpu and the cpu then some on the qtip, during this I insured there was no power going to it but the battery was still plugged in. I turned on my laptop hoping to see better performance and lower temperatures only to be greeted with a black screen, keyboard powers and lights up, so does the power button. Fans spin but they become quiet 4 seconds in, no sort of light from the display and nothing from an external monitor. This happened at the start of the year and I've left it hidden in a dark part of my desk. I really need to use it, please help

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Alfred if only you had talked with us first we could have helped you.

Don't anybody ever do what is decribed above, unless you want to destroy your electronics. The battery was not even disconnected so there was power.


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water should never be used to clean any electronics, saline water contains salt. only isopropyl or contact cleaner should be used. there is probably signs of corrosion on the motherboard if you have a look

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