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Repair information and troubleshooting for the HP Pavilion 15-au. This is a 15 inch laptop computer manufactured by HP as part of their Pavilion line.

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changing rams from one hp pavilion to another

hp pavilion 15-aw0031a-- this laptop works windows 10 and 12gb ram

hp pavilion g7-1219wm-- this is the one i want to fix

So is it oka if i switch the rams from my hp pavilion 15 energy star to my hp pavilion g series? The g series ram is damged or that is what i believe since the screen doesnt want to work its very dimmly lit. So i was going to swap the rams and see if it works. one has 12 gb ram and the other only 4. one is windows 10 and the other windpws 7

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This depends on the specific RAM. I would be concerned they don't use the same type of RAM if one is Windows 7 and one is Windows 10. Windows 7 was in DDR3 times and Windows 10 would almost certainly have DDR4. Those RAM standards don't use quite the same pin layout and a DDR stick wouldn't fit in a DDR4 slot and vice versa.

What model specifically are each of the laptops so we can check what sort of RAM would be installed. The model number would be listed on the bottom panel, possibly under the battery depending on the machine. Even the PN which usually ends in #ABA on HP products is helpful.

You can also post pictures of the RAM sticks if that makes more sense.

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hp pavilion 15-aw0031a-- this laptop works and the other one is the damaged one. hp pavilion g7-1219wm.


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Hi @erickhdez1226

It won't work.

The specifications for the memory in the hp pavilion 15-aw0031a, as shown on p.34 of the maintenance service guide taken from this support webpage shows it uses DDR4 ram

The specs for the hp pavilion g7-1219wm, according to the parts list shows DDR3 memory.

You can't even slot the memory modules in. They won't fit.

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So whaţshould i do since the hp pavilion g7-1219wm has a black display. When i connect it to a monitor it projects perfectly but on the internal display it doesnt work. I already did the bios manuel reset and taking out the rams and reinstalling them. I dont know what else to do . i have noticed that the internal display is very dimly lit only visible if i hold a light to it and at an angle.



Backlight problem.

What is the make and model number of the motherboard (printed on motherboard itself e.g. Quanta xxxxx or DAOR24Mxxxx?


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