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lower syringe clamp replacement

the lower clamp on my baxter infuseOR is cracked. I have the replacement part but after removing the screw it still won't release. It swivels around on something i can't see. How do I proceed without damaging the pump? How do you remove the lower syringe clamp from the infusoe body?

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@bludo2 do you have a model number for the Baxter pump?


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Dr Linda M Ribarich-Boehm DMD is this going to help you out Baxter InfusOR Infusion Pump Service Manual

Update (02/07/2023)

@bludo2 so I spoke with the experts today and they are not sure what you refer to as the lower clamp. We made the assumption it is the syringe holder

Block Image

Since you did not provide any images, let us know if this is wrong too. I've now attached the complete disassembly manual for this pump. The odd and even pages are separate.

Baxter Diassembly

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the manual DOES NOT TELL YOU ANYTHING ABOUT REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT OF A BROKEN CLAMP. Anyone can find the manual. No one can answer the initial question


@bludo2 can you post some images of where you are stuck? You are right about finding the manual but usually it is just to assist with follow up's etc. The manual gives everyone the opportunity to "see" the same thing. Sorry it did not meet your expectation and we are working on it. Fixing things online is not like fixing it in real. We do not see what you see, so you are our eyes and ears.


manual no good; period!


@bludo2 got it. Let's get some pictures so I can ask my BioMed guys. See if they can come up with something.


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