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An Android smartphone made by vivo.

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What is the price of original screen replacement

I want to know the expenditure for screen replacement for vivo s1

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The cost of a replacement screen will depend on your location as will the repair if done professionally.

Search online for Vivo S1 LCD display to get results for suppliers of the part.

If you want to replace the display yourself, here's a video that may help.

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they are usually around aud $100 on eBay the vivo s1 is the same phone as vivo 1907 so also try looking for that though it is annoying if you dont want to look an ali express witch i do not recommend but sometimes that's the only solution as the phone is kind of obscure outside of china also try checking vivo's website as they offer replacement parts for some models in some regions though the price vary's a lot with some having the in built fingerprint sensor and some not makes a lot of them expensive i hope that helps i am in Australia if that changes anything and there are a couple of other models with the same screen but i am not sure what they are you are best looking on the official website and eBay ( :

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