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AT&T Corded Answering System with speaker phone, audio assist, digital backlit display, and caller ID/call waiting.

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Phone cradle holder broken

The plastic that the phone in the cradle attaches to broke. It slides up and down and removes easily. Can it be e replaced

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Hi @upatree1

Replacement parts for corded phones are hard to find as they're viewed as being non reparable. Usually if the phone is faulty it is replaced.

If you want to fix it then perhaps the best option is to find a faulty same model phone e.g. Ebay etc and use it as a donor for parts.

I couldn't find a faulty phone but here are two options to consider, depending on the cost and your location (shipping charges).

Option 1 - I don't know if you'd want this many but you may get them at a good price.

Option 2

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