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HP All-in-One 22" Chromebase is HP's ChromeOS-based desktop made by the HP company and was made available in 2021.

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Adding second SSD to HP 24 AIO not detected on BIOS

Adding second SSD to HP 24 AIO not detected on BIOS

So entering the BIOS there's no place I can spot where I can see the Hard Drives, only in the HP System Diagnostics the Boot/Main SSD is shown as Nvme, but the board has an unused SATA connector I plugged a second SSD onto. It's just like if the BIOS has wiped the whole section where you define the storage devices....

So is there any way to make the BIOS re-add the missing features? Aka has anyone performed this before with an alternate BIOS maybe?

Update (12/31/2022)

It's HP All-In-One - 24-Df0006ns

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Not sure if it is applicable in your PC but in BIOS check under Security > Device Security and see if the sata ports are shown as available or hidden

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Do any of these suggest anything about the storage devices in the computer?



Not really unless it is in Boot Options > Legacy support but that makes no sense as you don't want to boot from it.

Looking at the images you posted I was wondering if a BIOS update may have more settings

I realize that your model is not as shown in the link but in your BIOS Main > Product name info it says 24-df0xxx so I think that it will be applicable to your model.

Click on #2 Select your operating system version > select either Win 10 OS as the BIOS update is the same > Submit

Scroll down to All drivers > BIOS-System Firmware (2).

There is a link to the BIOS for HP Consumer Desktop PC BIOS Update (ROM Family SSID 86F3)

This number is the same as what is shown in your BIOS > Main > System Board ID.

Here are the details of what the update does but it doesn't mention anything about storage settings etc

Note: Only do a BIOS update if you want to because once done there is no going back to what it was. Double check that the BIOS update is the correct one for your model!!

Have read that maybe instead of pressing F10 to get into BIOS try Control + F10 (both together) and if it works, check if this shows more "advanced" settings than what was there before


Before posting this I did perform an upgrade of the BIOS to the latest available but no joy... The more I read about it the more I have the feeling this computer runs a custom cut-out BIOS so you can't upgrade the computer anymore... :( Hence my q uestion about alternate BIOS (non-HP) as I'm pretty sure this is still an AMI BIOS but just rebranded and capped...



Did you try Ctrl + F10, you didn't say?


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