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Repair guides and support for headphones inserted into the ear or ear canal, also known as earbuds, earpods and earphones.

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Looking for replacement battery Walkers BT 2.0 earbuds

I disassembled one earbud to the point where I can identify the battery as "M1254S2 3.7V 0.222Wh" several internet searches later, I have come up empty. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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Where and what did you search? If you put the number then โ€˜batteryโ€™ after it there are loads on the net.


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Hi @feltonjohn

I think that an M1254S2 battery is equivalent to a 1254 coin cell battery. The "1254" in the specifications = 12mm diameter x 5.4mm height.

Don't know the earbuds so it may depend on whether the type you need is the soldered in type i.e. has solder tabs or is simply inserted into a battery holder of some sort.

0.222Wh is the amount of power produced by 60mAH @ 3.7V. So maybe searching for a 1254 3.7V 60mAH coin cell rechargeable battery (examples only) will get results for what you need.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I especially appreciate your explanation of the meaning associated with the battery model number. In my earbuds, the battery has tabs, and is soldered to the board. I found a replacement on alibaba with wires already attached which might be easier to solder in anyway.

Thanks again!



Don't forget that batteries are polarity dependent so ensure that you connect it the correct way. The +ve side of the battery is usually marked and if wired has a red wire connected to it, (the -ve is a black wire) hopefully the board will be marked +ve and -ve as well. Apologies if you knew this already.

You don't want to try and connect any wires etc to a coin cell battery (or any battery for that matter) that doesn't have any tabs and which needs to be soldered in, as this requires applying too much heat to the battery and can damage the battery. It is better to buy them ready made so to speak as this is done in the factory under controlled conditions



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Hi @strongbow,

I saw this also but was wondering how easily a rectangular battery would fit into the earbud.

I haven't come across any that small but I suppose there's a lot out there.

The image used doesn't match the model number description, nor does the battery model number in the image used i.e. PA-BS37 or the specs i.e. 1.85Wh when the OP stated 0.222Wh was on the original battery

I suppose that they could have just been showing the incorrect image, but would you trust it when ordering that they would send the correct battery and not the one shown in the image? I wouldn't



@jayeff not that one lol. If you scroll down the page thereโ€™s a small round one with solder tabs on it matching the part number.



I'm getting too old to even scroll down now - groan



@jayeff ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ sometimes I see questions I donโ€™t even bother answering as a simple Google would do it.


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