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A top-loading washing machine by Fisher&Paykel.

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Not completing spin cycle

machine seems unbalanced no matter how often I re arrange the contents. It stops on rinse and beeps, and won’t move forward- progress- with the cycle. Happens more often than not recently.

Unsure why is now unbalanced. Machine is one of the earlier ones (low agitator)

Update (12/19/2022)

F&p Aquasmart WL70T60D 92127-A-NZ

Aso during the rinse and spin it thumps and bashes around really badly before stopping and beeping and the rinse light stays on, or if I progress it to spin does the same until it stops with the spin light on - and the clothes are still wet.

Been doing it for the past 4 washes perhaps.

I have done two auto tub cleans

F&p Aquasmart WL70T60D 92127-A-NZ

I have replaced the straps that attach in the four corners but hasn't helped

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Not sure re the model but check if the suspension rods are still attached OK. These are what the straps that you replaced are connected to.

I couldn't find a service manual for your model but I think that this service manual for a comparable USA model might be very close. Run the diagnostics as shown on p.38 to see what error codes if any are shown.

Also here's the parts list for the AU model which may help if you need parts. Search online using the part number to find suppliers.

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Suspension rods worn out

The straps dont do much


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Fixed previously - found some used but not too used suspension rods and that worked.

Had already bought and installed new straps.

I had much fun? using jeffs pdf manual and stripping down then cleaning the everything - including waterblasting the bowl and cleaning out the flapper.

All 100% now

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