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2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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Reverse lights inoperable, any help?

2001 Honda Accord LX, Automatic Transmission, 3.0L V6.

A while back my Speedometer lights would not illuminate and my reverse lights would not turn on. Since I replaced the Dimmer Relay fuse in the engine bay, my speedometer gauge lights work but my reverse lights are still not operating. The bulbs are new and no connections seem to be corroded, I’m just wondering if there is a fuse I missed!

Thank you for your time!

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Ryloo should be #9 fuse in your driver's side fuse box. It is not a dedicated fuse, but other things are connected to that as well. There is also a relay for the back-up lights in the same fuse box. You should here it clicking when you place your care in reverse.

The other issue could be a failed or misaligned backup light switch. On your automatic transmission, the back-up light switch is part of the gear position switch, located on top of the transmission. There is also a reverse relay in the driver's side fuse panel.

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That sounds perfect, thank you so much! I’ll let you know what progress I make!


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