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How do I replace the screen?

I want to replace a damaged screen but I'm struggling to find both the replacement guides and the replacement part for purchase. Is iFixit going to add this to the catalogue? Any help or recommendations are welcome.

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@volchokthegreat those guides have not yet been created by neither iFixit nor any of the users on iFixit. So, you are our pathfinder on this. I would suggest this teardown window It should get you there. Just take your time and be organized and I think you'll get it. While you are doing so, take plenty of good pictures and create a guide Create a new Guide - iFixit for the rest of us. That way, the next person that is in the same predicament as you currently are, will have a reliable source to turn to. As for parts, it does not look like iFixit has that screen. I would do an online search and pick a seller that has good feedback and good customer service.

Of course, you can always try OnePlus itself. For your model the price is listed as $250USD

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