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Released in February 2016, the Walkman NW-E393 is a part of the NW-E390 series along with the NW-E394 and NW-E395. It has a 1,77" inch color display and 4GB of memory.

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smashed screen and needs to be replaced?

I do not know how to replace a screen And I need help.

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Hi @jamesneedhelp

Here's a video that shows how to replace the battery in the player that may help.

I realize that this is not the problem, but it is still helpful as it shows how to open the player and once it is open, access to the display is possible.

Getting a replacement display may be the problem however. Hopefully there will be information on the back of the display itself, that you can use to find a replacement i.e. make and model number or part number of the screen

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