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De Commodore 64 werd uitgebracht in augustus 1982 en was een groot succes. In maart 1987 werd de Commodore 64C uitgebracht.

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Is my vic II chip backwards?

I can't tell because it's getting quite hot.

Block Image

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Hi Jordan,

As @oldturkey03 said, it's in the right way. The old 40 pin DIP packages always had a pin 1 mark that corresponds to a similar mark on the circuit board. You can see both marks in your photo; I've added arrows pointing to them.

Block Image

I can't tell from the picture; is it socketed or soldered? From my days working with the 8086 processors, I remember it being easy to bend a pin so it curled under the socket instead of going into the pin hole. If socketed, you might want to pry it back out and check to make sure the pins are all straight; you probably don't have to take it all the way out to check, but just lift it a bit so you can verify the legs are all straight. If it's soldered in, check the opposite side of the circuit board and make sure all the pins are sticking out from the vias in the board.

As far as the heat; it's hard to say if that's normal or not. That's a ceramic package designed to handle a lot of heat and I do remember some of the old processors getting pretty warm under normal operation. Is the computer working at all even though it's running hot?

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It is Socketed. and everything apart from the sound works. the reason I asked was because it was getting too hot to touch


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Jordan Fryman nope. It is properly inserted. You may just have a bad IC or some other issues with the circuitry.

Here is one of the C64 Service Manual On page 40 you do have the pinout for your IC. Check the traces and other components based on that.

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