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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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Following lightning: 50" Panasonic Plasma - No Picture / Solid Red


Our 2008 Panasonic Viera 50" plasma TV has a black screen following a lightning strike that froze the picture.

When you power on the TV, the relay clicks and the standby light turns red and remains red (no flash code). The TV is fully disconnected so I'm just looking for the menu to show up. I see a momentary change in the black screen (super brief) but then nothing -- I cannot bring up the menu and there appears to be no on screen display.

I've replaced the D board already, with a $15 board purchased on eBay. Following this, I see LED lights on the SC and SS boards when powered on but still no on screen display. So, according to p. 16 of the service manual, I should replace the D board. Again. I don't want to give up, but not sure if I should continue looking for salvaged D boards and keep trying. Would love any suggestions!!!

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Model: Panasonic Th-50PZ800UA Plasma TV


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With a lightning strike and a power surge, the PSU would be a prime suspect. You need to measure all the voltages. Did you do a flashlight test on the screen? I have a 2007 50" myself. I had to replace a speaker, then glue one. Now I need to do it again. Bad design. I also replaced the very large electrolytic caps. I also did that on the TH-42PZ700U I have. I have a lot of info on that set -- TH-50PZ700U. The service manual is 38MB. I would assume the 2008 model is pretty much the same.

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Hi and thanks -- sounds like you have more experience with these than I do. When I was replacing the D board I had some issues and got 6 blinks - so the Tech Guide had me check that the P board output was 15V at pin 1 of P7 and Vsus (190V) at pin 1 of CN P2 before the TV shut down. Both checked out and I figured out that the problem was a poor ribbon connection to the D board. Now the red light stays on, but I haven't rechecked those voltages, or checked any other voltages on the P board. My reading of the diagnostics keeps pointing me to the D board. But I'm a total amateur here.

By PSU, I assume you mean what they call the P board?

What's a flashlight test?




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